Baby shoes


      The first pair of shoes for your baby is above all a nostalgic moment. So choose the nicest ones. We have baby moccasins in our range. Our baby shoes are handmade and from 100% leather. Each model is unique in its design/colour. Make your baby's outfit complete with one of our baby shoes! Which model do you choose?

      All our baby shoes/moccasins:

      - consist of 100% leather, both inside and outside.

      - have soft soles (which is best for when babies start walking).  

      - come in a nice luxury box

      Why soft soles?

      - The feet have more space

      - Are more comfortable than shoes with hard soles

      - Made of breathable material

      - Are more flexible than baby shoes with hard soles

      - They take the shape of the baby's foot

      - Baby shoes give the feeling of walking barefoot on the ground. Babies like that best and it is also recommended by podiatrists and best for the development of the feet. 

      6 products

      6 products