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Yeeey, the baby is almost here ♥!

At the end of the pregnancy, you start to prepare for the delivery and that is exciting enough! There are a number of things that are important for you as a mum, but also for the baby. To help you as a mum, we have compiled this list of what you need to take with you to the hospital for your baby and which are essential in your suitcase

Checklist baby essentials to take to hospital:

 Below is a list of baby essentials to take to the hospital:

 Newborn clothes:

 Make 3 newborn sets in size 44, size 50 and size 56.

 Newborn sets:

 - Bodysuit 

 - Trousers, jumper or playsuit

 - Hat to protect your baby's head from outside influences

 - Socks

 - Gloves 

 - Jacket or bearsuit

 - Baby blanket

 - Swaddle blanket (tip)

 Tip: use 100% cotton baby clothes for your baby's sensitive skin.

 Tip: use wrap-around bodysuits. This is the easiest way and you don't have to pull it over your baby's fragile head.

 Tip: Put the newborn sets in freezer bags and write down the size of each newborn set. This way your partner can easily find the right baby clothes while you are recovering from the birth. 


 Make sure the car seat is ready in the car. You are not allowed to take the baby out of the hospital without a car seat. 

 - Car seat (maxi cosi)

 - Footmuff for the car seat. A footmuff keeps your baby warm, especially in winter, this is an indispensable item. 


 You can bring a few nappies and baby wipes with you just to be sure, but they will also have these for you at the hospital. 


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